Home sweet home

LMD’s Sri Lankan writers living overseas have their say

Monita Pesumal


As an expatriate who’s lived in the Middle East for 15 years, I was asked what I miss most about home.

I miss the lush greenery visible from the air as the aircraft begins descending; the immigration officer’s warm smile as he stamps my passport; and the scenic route on the long drive home…

It’s been a seven hour flight but I don’t feel tired.

Despite the humidity, even the air smells different – if that’s possible. The phrases ‘comfort zone’ and ‘happy place’ spring to mind… because that’s what being home means.

Sri Lankan food tastes different overseas so I miss the way my tastebuds explode as I take a slice of an egg hopper from a street kade in Colombo.

I miss the drives on the Southern Expressway, which transport me to the Galle Fort. The sea breeze messes up my hair but that’s a small price to pay for the luxury of being able to eat kangkung and fresh crabs by the beach.

Sri Lankan hospitality is ever present upon checking into a resort – you can call room service or housekeeping a dozen times, and they’ll still greet you with a friendly tone and answer to your every whim.

We’re always treated better in our home country…

What do I miss the most about home? My friends and family; my dad’s energy, wit and humour; and my mom’s cooking, loving hugs and beautiful, playful, black eyes.

They tell me Sri Lanka is where I’m loved the most.


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